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High School Retreat Highlights

Gateway is blessed with an extraordinary group of 9th-12th graders this year! Faculty, staff and high school students enjoyed our annual overnight trip to Lone Tree Ranch at the end of our first week of school!

From a teacher's perspective, it is so much fun to get to know our students and watch them build on their relationships with one another. It is also exciting to welcome our incoming freshman class as they take the next step in their academic journey!

We enjoyed activities such as the waterslide, teambuilding games, and late-night dodgeball. We also got to spend an encouraging and edifying "Guys Only" and "Ladies Only" teaching times as various faculty and staff members taught about passion, purity, and perspective for the new year. Students were placed on mixed-grade teams for our year-long competition which got started with the traditional leg-lift competition (congratulations to Elaina and Andrew!).

We ended our time with an encouraging exhortation from Coach Wigley to be intentional about sharing the gospel with the people around us.

Lone Tree is always a great time and a great way to get the year started on a positive note, and I am looking forward to a successful year with a great group of students.


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