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Gateway Christian PreSchool strives to offer your child the best care possible. We offer a variety of daily activities, including academic and hands-on curriculum. 


The Gateway Christian Elementary School offers an enriched academic porgram with a strong phonetic base. Each student is taught in a structured, well disciplined environment within a small classroom setting. 

Gateway Christian High School offers a college prep curriculum that gives students the education they need to compete on a national level. Our students test above grade level on every core subject. 



Gateway Christian School has several distinctive factors that set it apart from 

other schools in Southeastern New Mexico:

- Teachers are willing and quick to pray with students and parents.
 - The administration maintains daily morning devotions for the staff.
 - Teachers have been hired who have a Christian philosophy of education and consider teaching a ministry and a divine calling.

 - Discipline is based on Biblical principles
 - Teachers, as well as the curriculum, integrate the Word of God into every subject.
 - School programs and activities are evaluated in the light of scriptural principles and are implemented with the clear purpose of developing our uniquely Christian goals.
 - Athletic programs are monitored to maintain a standard for building sportsmanship and character.
 - Teachers, staff and administrators demonstrate a Godly lifestyle and are professional educators qualified for their positions.

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