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12th Grade Timeline


Start planning your future now by taking action and following Gateway's recommended timeline and course suggestions:



  • Continue participating in community service opportunities.

  • Continue to take rigorous, college prep courses.

  • Continue to work hard to receive good grades.

  • Make sure you have the requirements needed to graduate.

  • Male Students: You must register for selective service on your 18th birthday to be eligible for federal and state financial aid.

  • Talk to your counselor, teachers, friends and parents about your final college selections.

  • Make a calendar showing application deadlines for admission, financial aid and scholarship.

  • Search for scholarships and financial aid.

  • Ask teachers you have chosen to complete letters of recommendations and/ or to complete recommendation forms from colleges.

  • Request transcripts, test scores and letters to be sent to the colleges you have selected.

  • Take the ACT, SAT I or SAT II tests as needed. (Make sure that test scores are sent to the colleges of your choice.)

  • Send applications for early decision admission by November 1.

  • Complete your college visits. Do this while classes are in session.

  • Send in ROTC scholarship applications by December 1.

  • Keep a copy of all applications you send.



  • Attend whatever college-prep nights are held in your community.

  • Send mid-year grades to colleges. Continue to work hard!

  • Complete the FAFSA. Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Send after January 1.

  • Apply to at least one "safe" college where you know you will be accepted and you know that you will be able to afford.

  • Follow up with all the colleges you have applied. Ensure they have received all application materials, test scores and recommendations.



  • Watch your mail for all those acceptance letters and financial aid awards!

  • Compare financial aid packages.

  • Finalize your college plans, and notify the schools of your intent by May 1.

  • Send your housing deposits by May 1 or earlier if needed.

  • Request that your final transcripts be sent to the college of your choice.


  • Attend the orientation at your choice college.

  • Make sure you receive your housing assignment from the school you plan to attend.

  • Make arrangements to pay for your education and schedule courses.

  • Enjoy your college adventure!

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