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Start planning your future now by taking action and following Gateway's recommended timeline and course suggestions:

  • Start talking to friends, family, and teachers about colleges and careers.

  • Make sure you are enrolled in the appropriate college-prep courses.

  • Get off to a good start with your grades. The grades you earn in ninth grade will be included in your final high school GPA and class rank, and will be included on your transcript.

  • College might seem a long way off now, but grades really do count toward college admission and scholarships.

  • Explore your interests and possible careers. Take advantage of Career Days and College Fairs in your community.

  • Get involved in extracurricular activities, both school and non-school sponsored.

  • Talk to your parents about planning for college expenses. Continue or begin a savings plan for college.

  • Look at the college information available in your counselor's office, school library and public libraries. Use the Internet to check out college Web sites.

  • Tour a nearby college. Visit relatives or friends who live on or near a college campus. Check out the dorms, go to the library or student center, and get a feel for college life.

  • Investigate summer enrichment programs.

  • Consider community service and volunteer opportunities.

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